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  1. Fixed Odds/Pool Jackpot Lotto Games are played subject to Fixed Odds/Pool Jackpot Loto Rules and General online rules. Online Rules will apply to any situations not covered by these Fixed Odds/Pool Jackpot Lotto Rules, but in the event of any inconsistency General Rules will prevail.
  2. The maximum pay-out to any one customer, or group/syndicate of customers acting together, is $250,000 on any one given draw and/or on any one day.
  3. All Fixed Odds/Pool Jackpot Loto bets on a specific draw must be placed (and confirmed by us) 5 minutes before the official draw time. We accept no responsibility for bets not placed or confirmed in time, for whatever reason.
  4. We accept Pool Jackpot Lotto bets on our 4/54 Super 4 Jackpot game. This is a fixed stake game where the customer has to pick 4 numbers between and 1 and 54. For correctly predicting, 2 balls in any position and 3 balls in any position this is a fixed odds return, for correctly predicting all 4 numbers correct in our 4/54 Pool Jackpot game the customer will win the Pool Jackpot or a percentage of the Pool Jackpot in the event of more than one winner. Fixed ticket price applies. We accept bets on our 5/90 fixed odds lotto game. The customer has a choice to pick 2 numbers, 3 numbers, 4 numbers or 5 numbers between 1 and 90 with a set minimum stake. Five numbers are drawn. With 5/90 Turbo 2 market the customer chooses 2 numbers to appear within the first 5 numbers drawn, the sooner selected numbers are drawn the more customer wins. With 5/90 Chance market, order is not relevant and if one or more numbers are correct then the customer will receive a fixed odds return. With 5/90 Chance+ market the customer selects between 3 and 5 numbers and needs to have 2 or more correct to receive a return. We accept bets on our Fast 3 fixed odds lottery game. The customer has a choice to pick 3 numbers between 1 and 9 with a minimum stake. Three numbers are drawn with a draw every 30 minutes. The customer wins with 2 or 3 numbers predicted in the correct order. Depending on the stake and numbers correctly selected the customer can win x15 or x350 his stake.
  5. Unless you specify a particular draw(s) or date, valid Fixed Odds/Pool Jackpot Loto bets will always be accepted on the next draw to take place.
  6. If for any reason a lottery draw does not take place all valid Fixed Odds /Pool Jackpot Loto bets will be made void.
  7. If for any reason a lottery draw is postponed and is rescheduled to another time, all valid Fixed Odd/Pool Jackpot Loto bets on that draw will stand for the rescheduled draw(s) unless cancelled by mutual consent before such rescheduled draw(s).
  8. The Website will advertise the time, frequency, date and method of the Draws for each Game.
  9. Fixed Odds/Pool Jackpot Loto bets cannot be combined with any other betting event, nor may 2 or more draws be combined in accumulative bets.
  10. Each Draw will: (a) Select winning numbers at random with the help of mechanical drawing equipment (or any other equipment we may from time to time determine); and (b) Be conducted in line with the draw procedures and in the presence of an independent witness.
  11. If a draw is interrupted because of equipment failure or for any other reason, the draw will be completed in line with the applicable draw procedures for that game. If a draw can’t take place on the date or at the time fixed, it will take place as soon as reasonably possible after that date.
  12. If a partial draw is made due to equipment failure or any other mechanical problem the number of balls already selected will stand until the draw can be completed in fall. If additional balls are drawn in error the draw will stand for the first balls drawn for that particular game. For example with 5/90 game 6 balls are drawn but should have been only 5 balls the draw will stand for the first 5 balls drawn.
  13. If any game draw is declared invalid, another draw will take place in line with the applicable draw procedures to determine the winning numbers.
  14. The numbers drawn and recorded in writing by the witness mentioned in Rule 10.b will be the winning numbers for that draw.
  15. Prizes paid based on the official results of the relevant draw recorded in line with Rule 10(b) and electronically recorded in central Computer System. Prizes will not be paid based on results recorded or obtained from anywhere else, including for example newspapers, website, retailers signs, electrical signs, external digital signs or social media for example.
  16. Payment won’t be required against any incorrectly announced number(s) at the draw, and the witness as described in Rule 10(b) will confirm the correct number(s).
  17. Odds are subject to fluctuation.
  18. Payouts are expressed as a multiple of your stake, for example a $1 winning bet staked at ‘x10’ would return a total of $10.
  19. Decision about whether or not an entry is a winning entry (or in relation to any other matter or dispute arising from the payment or non-payment of prizes) will be final and binding, provided that it is a reasonable decision.
  20. Prize can be withheld and/or an equivalent payment made in lieu of any dispute being resolved.
  21. Not all betting options may be available online, sales cut-off and draw times may vary.

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